Against fake news – Whatever is it better: Online news or printed newspapers?


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by Hermon

A discussion presented in a reading passage that I read recently, offers opinions that pieces of notices in internet blogs are more used by people nowadays than a traditional newspaper.

Instead, when a young people need to buy something or to consult pieces of information about products, these consumers preferring use online sources than to read a newspaper pressed.

In opposite, other people have a different opinion defending that in traditional newspapers are presented news and information with more quality, because these notices are really investigated by professionals of the area, like writers, columnists, and journalists.

Notwithstanding the fact that there are advantages of servers and computers that obtain facts in real time, sometimes, there is no corrections and precision about the facts and, usually, personal opinions of the information are sends in these communications vehicles. In this case, a big disadvantage of this type of media is the absence and control of fake news that is sends like a true news.

A positive defense about the use of press media, that is possible to hear in lectures, explains that the market of press publication has an important participation in the industry having an important contribution for the access to good news must be maintained for the society including culture, education, and economy and mainly true news.


Automation and renewable energy applied at the rural regions against climate changes

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by Hermom

An important discussion nowadays is about the advantages or disadvantages of deforestation that impact directly in the climate changes. Many groups started discussions about this theme including positives and negatives points of view the of this discussion. Ahead will be presented some specific points about this subject. In the end are presented solutions that have become an interesting offer of solving for these types of problems at the camp.

First of all, people around the world need understand the specific position that agrees with the deforestation discerning some characteristics of this group. The first point defended is in favor is the economy and obviously, new technologies can provide the maximization of production in the camp using, for example, renewable energy.

New initiatives of farmers and industry in this area starts a new entrepreneurship, these can offer better conditions for population and transform a nonproductive area in big farms companies that offer more employment, jobs, money, and development in the region of the country. The industry of equipment and machinery, there are exhibited in this market new machines more efficient using hybrid systems how a solution in engine’s propulsion using batteries and hydrogen gas like an option in opposition of diesel oil.

On the other hand, another group disagrees about the real benefit of these activities because in most parts of the time tribes or regional population decrease and are reallocated in other places without a sufficient support of these players and government. Additionally, many problems begin to emerge in the body of workers and people near these areas where become it on illnesses like cancer and infections caused by poison applied in the soil and food crops. Moreover, deforestation causes, decrease of the diversity of animals producing bad results for the nature like the increase of carbon dioxide that causes climate changes in around the world.

Finally, is necessary that universities and research centers with the support of government come to develop projects that involve automation techniques in the camp should be a piece of solution to decrease emissions of carbon dioxide or use of hydrocarbons by the change of traditional end uses to new electric machines, more efficient, and preferring to use renewable energy in the camp using sunlight, wind, biomass in contrast with the coal and oil finding better results in the protection of the environment.

Energy – News that can change the History

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by Hermom

A few days ago I read pieces of news that in the next decades some countries will have 100% of their energy clean.

In California, for example, the local government announced that until 2030, all of the energy produced at this state must be renewable.

A recent initiative was to improve benefits and supports for all consumers that want to insert solar panels like an option to produce and to consume energy.

In this new scenario, a consumer can produce energy for themself and in many cases to produce energy for other consumers too, when the balance of energy consumed will be less than that produced.

Specialists call these new players in the energy market of prossumers, a word that means the junction between a producer and a consumer at the same time.

For me, this piece of news is very important because it represents opportunities to apply some pieces of knowledge acquired during my professional and academic experience over the years.

Moreover, initiatives like that can be an important solution to solve problems like the decrease in air pollution and diseases relationship with this type of energy production.

Additionally, a new matrix of clean energy must be more efficient than another type of mechanisms of energy production like oil and coal that are responsible for the increase in the climate changes.

A Experiência das Escolas Politécnicas Militares na formação em Engenharia

by Hermom Leal

Ilustres brasileiros se formaram nas Escolas Militares de Engenharia. Da antiga Real Academia militar temos os irmãos Rebouças, Benjamin Constant, Cândido Rondon, os que mais me lembro além do primeiro presidente do Brasil, “Manoel Deodoro” (nome do meu avô paterno) da Fonseca após proclamar a República no Quartel General do Exército no Palácio Duque de Caxias onde estive nos protestos de junho de 2013.

Lembro-me de certa vez comentar em classe com os alunos sobre o diferencial de escolas como o IME – Instituto Militar de Engenharia e ITA – Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, no que tange ao perfil do ingressante, ao regimento escolar e a excelência destas escolas de engenharia, que é sonho de muitos estudantes.

Desta vez não pude estar no Fórum, mas tenho ótimas lembranças do Rio em 2013.


Compartilho os links das apresentações recebidas do Fórum Internacional de Gestores da ABENGE – Associação Brasileira de Ensino de Engenharia, que conduziu mais este excelente fórum de gestores com destaque ao trabalho do professor Vanderli Fava de Oliveira.


IME – Instituto Militar de Engenharia

ITA – Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica



Who is the best one musician today?

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by Hermom Leal

My preferred musician is Winton Marsalis, a player trumpet that plays in the Lincon Jazz Center Orchestra.

This artist plays Classic Music and Jazz Music with exceptional expertise in orchestras, jazz bWho is your best?ands, music festivals among other players of musical elite.

In my opinion, the most fascinating thing in the career of Marsalis it is the opportunity that he gives to the new musicians of studying the best methods to plays a musical instrument in courses of your music school.

And to you, Who is the best one?

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A real ancient guide of morals and ethics

by Hermom Leal

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All of the humam rights that we have today grew up in the arms of milenar cultures. Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans developed your codecs in books like Odissey of Homero, The Republic of Platão and others. The Book of Proverbs, written by Solomon a man who was King of Israel in the ancient time, it is a book that I think very interesting.

The first chapters explain how the young people can obtain, prudence, knowledge and a good relationship with your parents, brothers, and friends.

The second half of the Solomon’councils includes a guide for people that want works, develop familiar values, manage money and goods honestly.

Personally, I always have been reading this book in my free time because it expresses the principal commandments that we can to apply daily in our work or tasks principally in the relationship with other people independently of the type of society.

To me is a guide of moral and ethics that can be used and applied nowadays with good results.

Porque germânicos? Uma questão pessoal de tradução.

by Mr. Moreira

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“Foi para sustentar essa guerra que os hiperbórios primeiro se dividiram em classes e elegeram um chefe supremo, o Herr-mann, Herman ou Gherman, senhor dos homens, vindo daí o apelativo generalizado de germanos.” Livro, O quarto Império

    Já há algum tempo tenho a curiosidade de entender a etimologia da palavra “germânico”, uma vez que muitas pessoas confundem meu nome com Herman, ou Hermam, o que é bem difícil de entender e depois claro, de explicar.

      Para aumentar a minha curiosidade, conheci no doutorado um colega do Equador que se chama Gérman, mas prefere ser chamado de Israel. Agora entendo bem esta confusão. Mesmo tendo um monte de leituras prioritárias, não poderia perder a oportunidade de registrar isso aqui.

        A primeira coisa que digo às pessoas quando fica na dúvida sobre como pronunciar meu nome é que, primeiro: não é brasileiro, é bíblico. Claro que isso eu descobri, pela primeira vez que perguntei ao meu pai de onde ele tinha tirado aquele nome e ele disse que era do Salmo 133:

      Oh! quão bom e quão suave é que os irmãos vivam em união. É como o óleo precioso sobre a cabeça, que desce sobre a barba, a barba de Arão, e que desce à orla das suas vestes. Como o orvalho de Hermom, e como o que desce sobre os montes de Sião, porque ali o Senhor ordena a bênção e a vida para sempre. Salmos 133:1-3

     Pois bem, agora menos confuso e com um certo orgulho de saber que eu já era famoso há muito tempo, sic… entendi que, em primeiro lugar, que meu nome não tinha nada a ver com a maionese Hellmanns, nem com o Herman da família Adams.

     Confesso que antes de pesquisar o nome em um dicionário e em um mapa bíblico e saber do belo significado do nome Hermom, não tinha nem ideia que o tal monte está lá até hoje, não obstante a fé remover montanhas.

     Enfim, coisas salutares podem acontecer quando o antigo e o moderno se juntam em um mesmo lugar: um notebook com sinal de internet. Imaginem, com um passar de olho em um livro digitalizado de 1935, de um autor brasileiro esquecido no tempo, fui encontrar o real significado do que NÃO significa o meu nome.

     Fico um pouco mais feliz agora, #SQN muito pelo menos até conhecer pessoalmente esse tal Hermom, na tríplice fronteira entre Israel, Líbano e Síria, mas por transferir essa confusão agora para o @Google e corretores ortográficos dos digital writers.

     – Mas qual a confusão? – Aquela com relação ao fim do nome. Se termina com “m” ou com “n”. Digitando Hermom com “m” no final, o corretor ortográfico entende que você gostaria de pesquisar sobre (a mãe dela –  her mom – “sua mãe”). Daí quando você lê uma Bíblia, tipo uma versão King James, temos Hermon, com “n” no final. Já uma tradução João Ferreira de Almeida, Hermom com “m”. Não se fazem mais tradutores como antigamente.

   Portanto, no Brasil sou o Hermom! Fora do Brasil:

   Nice to meet you: Mr. Moreira!


Engº Hermom Leal

Engenheiro, professor e pesquisador


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