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Distance learning and online computer classes should replace classroom learning – specific reasons and examples


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by Hermom Leal

   An important discussion about learning methodologies in these days is presented in the most part of the educational institutions. This type of debate is essential in public institutions that apply, in most part of the time, traditional methods of learning. ln sequence will be presented some points of view about the benefits and advantages or disadvantages of this new model of education.

Basically, distance learning can be defined by the use of computer devices, communications and specific methods of learning that give to the student rules and steps to learn a subject or a theme in something knowledge area.

First, the positive arguments that support these changes are based on e-learning, where are used tools developed for the students to follow step by step until finish one skill or passage of the complete study. These steps are composed of lessons prepared in an online interactive platform that connects the student to the system of learning.

New and specific methods were created and developed in the last decades to integrate information technology, subjects, schools to the people using, for example, the social media, video conferences where the teacher can provide the tasks without problems of space, time, physical infrastructure and another thing.

Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence are now applied by computing techniques like cloud computing, machine learning, big data, open systems in that this new era of students can obtain no restrict access to the information that they need for a research, a project or a job.

The opposite arguments, showing by another specialist groups, explains that depending on the level of age, without a specific knowledge and a special orientation to the use of these new educational tools can be bad. For example, children and young people sometimes do not have abilities to self-advise the time and the sequence of learning. ln, the virtual environment, maybe these students will have less attention, less use of cognition and less social relations – a type of behavior that is very explored in traditional classes.

Analysing these points of view is possible to understand that today the new technologies are offering many ways and tools for the improvement of education. Some barriers and problems in the educational systems that happened in past, can be solved when the teacher apply facilities offered by these new methods.

With this, is very clear that new structures and methods of learning will replace oldest methods of learning used in traditional schools that do not find good results like digital inclusion, quality, and performance in a competitive world.


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